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       As a garden landscaper Harry Jia Liu Gaved (b. 1990) has worked with concrete in a practical sense for over 10 years. During this time he became fascinated with the material’s properties and symbolism. In 2017 he began artistic investigations from his studio in West London, which evolved into the concrete works he makes today.



Concrete has been credited as being the most-used  material in the world second only to water. It is widely understood as robust durable and strong, existing and completely integral in the majority of engineering projects across the globe.

Harry's process reconsiders concrete’s reputation pushing it to exist in a delicate and fragile state. He embraces its commonly undesired properties (air bubbles, natural edges, holes), and allows the material its own agency in the making process.

Each of Harry’s pieces consist of three elements: cement, water, and aggregate. He plays with material ratios, forms, temperatures, and techniques to create unique pieces, each presenting the results of a specific investigation. Through these he discusses concepts of our origin and future, our relationship to the planet, and our desire for progression and beauty.


Please get in touch for commissions, conversations, and collaborations using the contact email:

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